We provide full-service beekeeping in Winnipeg's urban centre.

At Beeproject, we are committed to supporting the declining population of pollinators, specifically the honeybee. Our Urban Pollination Project will allow you to have a hive without knowing a lot, or anything, about beekeeping. This program is meant to be a turn-key operation in which we install and maintain the hive(s) and deliver the ultra local honey to you at the end of the season.

What's included:

  • Yearly rental of your hive(s)
  • Help with site selection at your organization
  • Delivery of the hive
  • Complete hive management, including maintenance visits every 2 weeks from May till September
  • Honey house visits during extraction
  • 15 Kg of ultra-local honey from your own home

You’ll have the chance to get up close to the hive and learn basic beekeeping knowledge. You’ll also get to observe the magic of honey production and the seasonal changes of the hive.

Our Vision

We believe that public awareness and education are key to making a difference in the plight of the bee and other pollinators. We believe in sustainable beekeeping methods and take great care to keep our bees in an ecologically mindful way, knowing that great honey is made by bees that are well cared for.

Our hives are all around the city

How does this work?
Host your own hive

  1. Get in touch
    Let us know who you are and why you're interested.
    Host A Hive - Inquiry
  2. We sort out the details
    We'll need to figure out if your location is suitable for bee hives, whether your organization is interested in workshops, or honey, or both, and a few other details which will determine pricing.
  3. Hive placement
    We will visit your location to find the best placement for the hives. When the season starts up (usually May), we will bring all of the hives, the equipment, and the bees. This is a turn-key operation, and you don't have to do anything — unless you want to!
  4. Summer check-ups
    Every beehive is made up of thousands of living creatures and requires proper care to prevent disease, swarming, and to maintain the health of the hive. We will visit your hives every 1-2 weeks to check up on it's health, apply any needed treatments, and add more boxes if they need the room.
  5. Workshops (if you want them)
    You will also have the opportunity to observe and learn about honeybee hives and beekeeping. We'd love for you to join us to learn more!
  6. Extract the honey & take it home!
    We will extract and deliver the honey for you to use as you'd like. Some of our restaurant partners use it in their kitchens, other organizations bottle it up to give to employees, friends, and families. And other locations offer their own ultra-local honey for sale to the public. It's up to you :)

Looking for residential hives?
City bylaws allow beekeeping in all zoning areas of Winnipeg.
See permit and bylaw information on the City of Winnipeg website.


Please contact us to learn more!