We keep bees in Winnipeg's urban centre,
and love to share them with others.

There is so much to learn and love about the honey bee. We’ve grown passionate about spreading the word of the importance of bees and their pollination work and by bringing hives into the city, we have been able to build a sense of community where we live. This allows us to combine two things we love: bees and people.

Looking for honey?

Honey isn't the only thing bees do, but it's definitely a great one. You can find us in person at markets throughout the summer, or at any time of year, we have our honey at numerous partners throughout the city. You can buy it directly at retail locations, or enjoy it with your meal or drink at many restaurants throughout the city.

Where to find us

Bees in the city?

Bees are a natural fit for living in the city. That might seem surprising at first, but the urban setting is ideal for honeybees for a number of reasons. Read about the benefits of urban hives.

Interested to get involved? We provide full-service beekeeping in Winnipeg's urban centre.

Host a hive

Want to learn more?

We love sharing our passion with others: it's truly why we do what we do! Check out our Events to see when we're hosting workshops and honey tasting tastings, discussing beekeeping, and joining in at pop-up shops!